August Professional of the Month: Candice Agnello, Freelance Esthetici –

August Professional of the Month: Candice Agnello, Freelance Esthetician in Long Island, NY

We are excited to announce our professional of the month of August:

Candice Agnello, freelance esthetician in Long Island, New York.

Read on to see what she has to say: 

"My name is Candice Agnello and I am a freelance licensed Esthetician in Long Island, New York.  For seven years I worked in a medical spa- like setting performing minimally invasive treatments such as medical facials, chemical peels, laser hair removal, and  IPL photo-facial just to name a few.  I was fascinated by the industry and how quickly  just a few treatments could transform ones skin. From then on my passion was born. I became obsessed with skincare and experimenting with different skin treatments.  I wanted to wean out what I felt didn’t work and focus more on what actually did work so I could deliver only the best for my clients.  About two years ago after getting married and trying to start our own little family, I decided it was best to branch off on my own.  I created a pretty, yet cozy home studio dedicated to making my clients look and feel their best.  I want them to be able to put their 'best face forward' so to speak.  My work as an esthetician has become an art.  I am able to tap into my creative side while combining science, cutting edge technology and advanced techniques .  My specialty is customizing facials and therapy treatments to suit the individual and address the skins condition in its current state. There is no one treatment alike.
 Being that I suffered from severe acne as a teenager and well into my adult life,  it resulted in my skin looking and feeling very rough and textured from all the scarring.  I desperately searched and tried to find a treatment that would fix this problem, for not only myself but for many who I know also suffer from residual acne effects.  I came across microneedling a.k.a collagen induction therapy.  A new innovative treatment that is able to treat multiple skin conditions and rejuvenate the skin all at the same time. I thought I would give it a try! I researched a ton on all the different devices and concluded that the INNOPEN was the best for my practice.  The device is very safe and easy to use.  It offers an alternative stamping method using a closed needle system, as opposed to the dragging method which most devices seem to have.  The treatment works by creating micro channels in the skin which then signals the wound healing response.  This phenomenon triggers the body to produce more collagen therefore reducing the number of fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone and texture, reduce pigmentation, acne scarring, and increase trans epidermal hydration.  This treatment is amazing all on its own, but very often I like to combine it with other therapies boosting the efficacy to the max!   My clients absolutely love the combination and experience only minimal pin point bleeding during the microneedling process.  The company is based out of California and all the products and modalities come from there as well.  Their staff is super friendly, and helpful and just a phone call away to answer or address any questions or concerns about their products.  They also offer an amazing skincare line through CRL (Clinical Resolution Laboratory). Not only do I love their products for microneedling but I use and incorporate them into my other treatments as well!  They work great with all skin types and are capable of delivering guaranteed results.  Each of the products contain high quality ingredients which ensure efficacy and purpose.  My favorite products right now are MTS Stempep Serum and Moisturizer which I use myself everyday.  It’s great for sensitive skin types and helps deliver that extra glow to the skin.  I also love the MTS Sun Protective Cream.  It’s a great consistently and leaves no greasy residue at all.  I find it works beautifully as a base for makeup as well.  It also has a slight tint and the ability to blur imperfections and redness, great for after a slightly invasive treatment.  Lastly the Peptide Aqua Gel Mask is a must have in my practice.  I use this to conclude almost all of my facial treatments.  It’s super calming, soothing, and moisturizing.  It’s literally skin food for the face!  I love to pair it with some red light therapy!  
My ability to help an individual look and feel their best leads me to only continue my path and further my practice ensuring greater knowledge, new certifications, and modern techniques in doing what I love!"
Thank you Candice for being our August Professional of the Month!
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