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June Aesthetic Professional of the Month: Julie Bishop of Allure Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Center

We are excited to announce CRL’s June Aesthetic Professional of the Month: Julie Bishop of Allure Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Center in Huntington Beach, CA . Read on to see what Julie has to say:
"My name is Julie Bishop and I am a registered nurse at Allure Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Center in Huntington Beach, CA. Allure is owned and operated by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Emile Wakim and his wife Dr. Sarah Vakkalanka, an ear, nose and throat specialist. At Allure, we treat the whole patient, whether it be for hormone health, nutrition, regenerative medicine or aesthetics. I came on board one year ago, just before Allure opened its doors for business. One of the first training sessions I received at Allure was by Alan Reich of CRL. I learned about microneedling and all the possibilities it had for overall skin rejuvenation and correction. I have also attended training courses on microneedling through Empire Medical Training. Our very first patient was a microneedling patient, and I was very excited to apply the techniques I had learned. Since then, I have treated many patients for overall skin rejuvenation, acne scarring, melasma, and hair restoration. We mainly combine microneedling with PRP, but I have also offered the antiaging and brightening serums when it was appropriate for the patient.
I love educating my patients while I’m treating them, especially about the InnoPen! Patients are often surprised that they don’t leave our office with a bloody face like they have seen on videos. I explain that the InnoPen has a closed needle system, which is a safety feature that allows for delivery of the needles into the dermis with a stamping motion, rather than dragging the device against the skin. This way, the epidermis does not get needlessly torn apart. My patients only experience mild pinpoint bleeding in areas such as scars, where the needle depth is increased. My (and my patients’) absolute favorite part of the treatment is the Peptide Aqua Gel Mask they receive at the end of the treatment. The mask is cooling, soothing, and a great adjunct to the overall process. Patients cannot believe when I show them their red and blotchy skin before the mask, and how calmed down their skin is after the mask!
I have seen marked improvements in the patients I have treated for acne scars. I have seen such a dramatic improvement in my own skin tone and texture since I began regular treatments a year ago, I have become my own walking advertisement! I am very pleased at the high level of service we offer to our patients at Allure, and the InnoPen is the perfect complement to that."

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