May Doctor of the Month: Dr. Demkiw-Bartel of The She Doc –

May Doctor of the Month: Dr. Demkiw-Bartel of The She Doc

We are excited to announce CRL’s May Doctor of the Month: Dr. Demkiw-Bartel of The She Doc in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Read on to see what Dr. Demkiw-Bartel has to say:
"I am a family physician with a special interest in researching medical grade skincare products and treatments. I did not start out as a physician but arrived at it over time. I was first a laboratory technologist, then a pharmacist and that only led medical school. These disciplines prepared me for the research I have undertaken in what has become my passion. Since before 1990 I have been investigating different lines of skincare products. In this process, I first asses the list of ingredients ensuring they contain science based active ingredients in an appropriate concentration and delivery system and are free from common undesirable allergens, irritants and sensitizers. Products that pass this step then move to trial. Each product must achieve visible benefits and results to then be recommended by me. Thus far over 78 lines of products have undergone this process and what has resulted is a collection of products that perform at a level I find worthy of sharing with my patients and that work at an exceptional level of efficacy. Lastly, I pride myself on the fact that both consultations and treatments are performed exclusively by myself. This provides my patients with the most comfort and support regarding the level of care they receive.
Picking a favourite CRL product is exceedingly difficult and so I must say that mine is the 'Home Kit' [created by Dr. Demkiw-Bartel using CRL products]. I have created this kit in order to reach more people and have more afford the benefits of micro-needling. The kits have shown exceedingly successful results over the first year of introduction. Kits include 0.3 MTS Roller, Hyaluronic Acid Peptide Serum and/or StemPep Serum, Liposomal Vitamin C 10%, Peptide Aqua Gel Masks and the Sanitizing Kit."      
You can find Dr. Demkiw-Bartel on her website:
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Thank you to Dr. Demkiw-Bartel for being our May Doctor of the Month!

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