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We Spy Everyone's Favorite Vitamin C Serum!

we spy everyone’s favorite Vitamin C: our Liposomal Vitamin C 20% Serum! #Repost @iheartskintuition with @get_repost
If you want to stand a chance of aging gracefully, then this is what you will need. Clinical Resolutions C Serum to fight free radicals and sun damage. Derrmesse Skin Lightner in which is 4 percent hydroquinone to lighten hyperpigmentation and to prevent discoloration. Environ C Quence moisturizer is packed with peptides for anti aging and is loaded with vitamin A. Next up is MdSolarSciences 50 spf Mineral Sunscreen for 80 minutes of full spectrum, water resistant protection, and last but not least don’t forget your big sunhat! #skincare#skincareroutine #clinicalresolution #crl

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